About the Practice

 What to Expect

  • When making a non-emergency appointment, try to book at least 5 days before.
  • On arrival, you will meet Tiffany and Caitlyn, who help to manage the practice.

Please download and complete the relevant PDF documents prior to your appointment with Dr Khan.

Please email your forms to  before your appointment.

Billing & Medical Aid Information

  • We are contracted into Discovery Medical aid and Momentum and bill according to Discovery rates or Momentum rates, for Discovery and Momentum respectively.
  • Consultations in the rooms (aside for Discovery and Momentum) must be paid for up front and claimed back. The consults for patients on Discovery and Momentum will be submitted through to the medical aid.
  • If the child is admitted, we will submit directly to the Medical Aid on behalf of the patient. This goes for all medical aids.
  • For further information regarding billing and your medical aid please contact our accounts department.

Suite 22
471 Kassier Road
Assagay, KwaZulu-Natal

Tel: 031 768 8234

Monday to Friday | 8am-5pm

031 768 8911

" A person's a person no matter how small! " - Dr Seuss